Simon Lewis is Clary's formerly-human, vampire best friend, who has been in love with her for several years. In City of Ashes, he is stabbed in the throat by Valentine, which is very nearly the cause of his death; however, he is saved by Jace soon after, who allows Simon to drink his blood and heal. After that event, because of the components of Jace's blood, he is able to be in direct sunlight without any damage. Because of this, he is called a "Daylighter". Simon is described as having dark hair with a crude haircut, pretty brown eyes, and crooked glasses. His physical looks are improved when he becomes a vampire, and his skin becomes paler and his eyes blacker, as well as losing the necessity of glasses. He has a witty, sarcastic sense of humor, as well as being eclectic because of his obsession with video games and his ever-shifting band. Simon and Jace make fast enemies in the City of Bones; however, some time after Simon has Turned, he and Jace form a grudging, unusual friendship in the recognition that they both have a similar interest: protecting Clary.