Madame Dorothea, a witch who is neighbors with Clary and her mother. Madame Dorothea initially seems unimportant, but soon has an encounter with Clary and Jace in which she prophesizes that Jace will fall in love with the wrong person and that Clary has a very confusing future. She also has a Portal in her home, which is Clary and Jace's convenient exit from their meeting. She flares in importance when the Shadowhunters discover that Clary's mother, Jocelyn, actually drew the Mortal Cup into a tarot card in a deck she gifted to Madame Dorothea many years ago. Madame Dorothea is astonished at this acclamation. Clary quickly draws a rune, helping her to withdraw the cup, at which point a Greater Demon arises from the Portal and possesses Madame Dorothea. Her form is quickly changed to meet the demon's wishes, and it is said by the demon that Madame Dorothea is no more.