Lena Headey

Jocelyn Morgenstern, Clary's mother and a Shadowhunter in hiding who, although plays a big part in the story's plot, is unconscious for a large portion of the time. She fell in love with and married the then-charismatic Valentine. She bore both Jonathan [Sebastian] and Clary, and was promptly horrified to find that her husband had been tricking her into drinking demon and angel blood while she was pregnant with Johnathan, as well as Clary. This quickly made her realize the evil in him, and she fled. After coming to Brooklyn, she changed her surname to Fray. She is often described as beautiful, with a tall, slim figure and long dark-red hair. She is especially interested in art, and is described as being an amazing painter. Previous to the events in City of Bones, she takes hold of the Mortal Cup and draws it into a tarot card in a deck owned by a woman named Madame Dorothea. As revealed in City of Glass, Clary is the person that she loves most in the world, even though Clary is angry with her for a large portion of the time Jocelyn is conscious. Her best friend, Luke, has been loyal to her since their teenage years, and at the end of City of Glass, they admit their feelings for each other, which Clary eagerly approves of.