Jesse McCartney as Jace Wayland

Jace Wayland
, also called Jonathan Christopher, and in the end Jace Lightwood, is another major character in the series. An orphaned Shadowhunter who lives with the Lightwoods at the Institute in New York City. He is said to be the best Shadowhunter of his age, having been trained severely by his father prior to his death. He is described as having wavy golden hair, eyes(which only look golden in the light), and skin, as well as having scars all over his body from countless fights. He has a peculiar star-shaped scar on his shoulder, which is revealed later in the series as a marker of having direct contact with an angel, and also as an indication that he was part of the Herondale bloodline. Clary describes him as having an angular face(high cheeckbones, a big jaw, and a flat chin), she also says it is that of an angel. His good looks make him popular with girls, although he has never had a serious relationship. He is sometimes very arrogant and fractious, but is a very kind, passionate, and thoughtful person underneath, as well as having an unusual, very cynical sense of humor. He falls in love with Clary early on, but is tormented by the belief that Clary is his sister all throughout the series. Some chapters in the series follow Jace exclusively, revealing the frustrated, lonely personality that he compensates for by lashing out at others. It is later discovered that he is neither Valentine's or Michael Wayland's son, but he was the son of Stephen and Céline Herondale. When an eight-months-pregnant Céline committed suicide, Valentine cut the baby out of her and Valentine raised him separately, with the help of Hodge. Jace, like Clary, has as a result of Valentine's experiments more angel blood in him than the average Shadowhunter, which gives him the ability to jump supernaturally high and run faster than others. Jace is stabbed in the heart and killed by Valentine in City of Glass, but Clary, through the Angel Raziel, brings him back to life.


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