Imogen Herondale (the Inquisitor), one of the main antagonists of City of Ashes. Twice, she files Jace away in prison, as Jace is unable to curb his sarcasm or poisonous remarks, despite the fact that Jace has done no actual crime. She is described as being very gray, with silver eyes and gray hair. For the most part in the book, she is cruel, heartless, and biting in her power, proving to be a point of extreme frustration for the Shadowhunters, namely Jace. After taking Jace prisoner a second time, she informs him that she is going to strike a deal with Valentine—for Valentine to give her the Mortal Instruments, or his son Jace will die. Jace calmly and assuredly tells her that Valentine will in no way take this deal, to which the Inquisitor is disbelieving. The Inquisitor's one spot of vulnerability is revealed when she it is shown that she really only wants to hand Jace over to Valentine in revenge for him murdering her son, Stephen. However, Valentine quickly informs her that Jace is not his spy, as she had initially and whole-heartedly believed, and that he will not trade the Mortal Instruments. Imogen is stunned, and from there, she seems to crumble. While on the ship on their way to save Simon, Maia, and Clary from Valentine's clutches, Imogen spies the star-shaped scar on Jace's shoulder and realizes that he is Stephen's son, and evidently, her grandson. She then sacrifices herself to a demon to save Jace, and parts with the words to him, "Your father would be proud." Jace interprets this as mocking until he finally realizes that her son was, in fact, his father.