Jeremy Irons


Jared Harris

Hodge Starkweather, Isabelle, Alec, and Jace's tutor, confined to the Institute after his role in the Uprising (a battle between Downworlders and the Circle). During his stay at the Institute, he spends most of his time in the library but proves to be a fatherly mentor to the kids there. Hodge, often accompanied by his raven Hugo, is an expert at herbal remedies and overall knowledge from spending so much time in the library. Jace and Clary are both stunned when they find he is actually working with Valentine, and Clary's horror is increased when Hodge knocks Jace unconscious and hands him over to Valentine. After this, his curse of the confinement in the Institute is raised, and he is released. After a short confrontation in an alleyway with Clary, Luke emerges as a wolf and attacks him; Hodge, however, quickly vanishes from the scene. He doesn't make another appearance until City of Glass, in which he is one of Simon's prison mates under the name of Sam. After he is freed by Jace, the Shadowhunters discover that Hodge has been tricking Simon into thinking he was someone else. Hodge, however, quickly relays that the Mirror Valentine has been searching for is in fact Lake Lyn. He begins to tell Jace something that is implied as urgent when he is murdered by Sebastian. After this, Sebastian [Jonathan] confesses shamelessly that he is a spy for Valentine and expresses his contempt for the now-deceased Hodge.